Waste to energy plant

Intradel is a syndicate of 72 communes (950,000 habitants) of Liège Province. In response to more stringent legislation, Intradel decided to modify an existing sorting and incineration plant by implementing new incineration streams capable to directly mass burn 320,000 tons per year of municipal and non-dangerous industrial waste. Sorting equipment has been dismantled and the reception hall has been extended. Two stoker grates of 21 tons per hour each are installed with a recovery boiler of 67 MWth delivering superheated steam to a 30 MWe turbo generator. Part of the energy could also be used to power a district heating grid. Wastewater sludge is injected in the combustion chamber. The flue gas cleaning system includes electro filter, selective catalytic reactor for DeNOx reduction, semi-dry lime scrubber, activated carbon injection and bag house filter.

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