Waste to energy plant

Kirklees Waste Services (KWS/SITA) obtained a concession contract to manage the municipal waste disposal of the Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council in the United Kingdom. A key aspect of the project was the design, finance, construction and operation of a new Waste to Energy Plant. Financing the new facility was assigned to Dexia Bank. The Kirklees Waste Treatment scheme includes 1 Waste To Energy Plant, 1 Material Recycling Facility, 2 Landfill Sites, 2 Transfer Stations ... for a total capacity of 235,000 tons per year. The Waste To Energy Plant is designed to handle 136,000 tons per year and includes 1 stream of 17 tons per hour of waste with a NCV (Net Calorific Value) of 9,800 kJ/kg. The recovery boiler delivers overheated steam to a 15 MW turbo-generator. The combustion chamber is equipped with a non-catalytic DeNOx system. The flue gas cleaning system comprises the following stages: spray absorber, activated lignite coke injection and bag filter.

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