Composting plant

Each year, approximately 12,000 tons of green waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches) are transported to the composting facility of Thumaide to be transformed into a quality amendment commercialized under the name ‘Composal’. The project consisted of adding a facility to an existing composting plant. The facility is composed of preliminary storage and pre-treatment of green waste, magnetic separation, shredding and transfer to an existing composting hall. Green waste is first demetallised and crushed. It is then moistened and stored in a windrow composting hall. Formed windrows are watered and turned periodically. The temperature exceeds 60°C, which allows the elimination of pathogens. The composting process is accelerated thanks to a forced air aspiration system, and takes only 4-8 weeks. After this period, the product is transported to the drying hall where it will continue its maturation phase. It will then be screened and packaged for sale.

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