Waste to energy plant

In 1994, tenders were evaluated for additional equipment and replacement of the existing incineration stream of the plant located in Virginal. The project consisted of the treatment of the exhaust gas in accordance with EC regulations (100,000 Nm³/h) and the installation of a new incineration stoker grate and boiler (65,000 tons/year). From 2001 to 2008, the client was assisted for the design and construction of a second incineration stream for municipal waste (50,000 tons/year) with a water cooled grate (20 MWth), a recovery boiler and a turbo generator set (4 MWe). From 2005 to 2010, we also provided technical assistance services for the provision of SCR deNOx flue gas treatment of the two incineration units (2 x 50.000 Nm³/h). A solid waste sorting and transfer station have been studied to improve municipal and industrial bulky waste reception and storage before treatment in the WTE Plant of Virginal. The construction of the facility was completed in 2012.

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