Sorting & shredder plant

For this project on the Sablière site in Mont-Saint-Guibert, our engineers collaborated with the Atelier d’Architecture Astragale. The project consists of 3 industrial halls (reception, pit and sorting/shredding unit), a workshop, an administrative building and a weighbridge. The pit has two roller bridges that transfer the bulky waste on conveyor belts for being shredded in the hall before falling back into the pit. The shredding line can also be fed from the shredding hall. Scrap is filtered out for separate recycling. The halls are equipped with a sprinkler installation and deodorizing installation (air scrubbers and biofilters). The preliminary study, tender documents and tender analysis occurred in 2009-2010. From June 2010 till 2012, our engineers assisted the client in the administrative and technical supervision of construction.

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