About us

IBH Waste Management Engineers is a European engineering consultancy company created in 1977, and offering services in the fields of Waste Management and Waste to Energy. Based close to the European capital Brussels, our IBH specialists develop waste management plans and programs, waste treatment project feasibility studies, basic engineering of waste management projects, as well as cost and technical control of the works in execution.  Finally, IBH Waste Management Engineers offers supervision consultancy for projects in operation and support during maintenance.

Consultancy in solid waste management

Consulting services have been undertaken by IBH Waste Management Engineers in Belgium, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our clients are generally public authorities, public/private companies and international organisations.

IBH Waste Management Engineers has completed studies and engineering projects in the following areas :

  • Waste management plans and strategies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Feasibility studies of waste management projects
  • Waste to energy plants for municipal waste
  • Exhaust gas treatment plants
  • Units for biological treatment of waste (composting, digestion and biogas production…)
  • Sorting and shredding units
  • Transfer stations
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